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The GDPR is a new law that at this time (emphasis on "at this time") affects all e-commerce regardless of the country you live in.

Specifically (to the best of our knowledge) the GDPR requires that any European Union resident must be able to remove all data related to them.

As we continue to research the requirements and it's implementation for our service, we will:

  • Upon request by the user of our system, remove all personally identifiable information we may be storing. This includes name, address, email, etc. 
  • Replace the PID with generic placeholders such as "removed by request".

As we continue to develop our official policy (as the lawyers get everything worked out), we will update this FAQ

Once you have created a account go to the MY SUBSCRIPTION page, scroll down to the Manage subscription section,

1. Enter credit card information, by clicking the red button "Create or Modify Payment Method" , this card will be used to charge your subscription every month until you cancel.  

2. Once you have entered the credit card information then click the green button "Select your subscription" , that will open up a popup where you select the plan you want, and then click blue button "Update Subscription".

3. If you want to cancel your paid subscription but keep your account open on the free level then just redo step 2, Click the green button "select your subscription" and pick the Free level, and click update.

It is easy to cancel your account, just go to the YOUR SUBSCRIPTION page, scroll down and look for the "cancel service & delete data" button, 

( cancellation of account will automatically submit the remaining unused balance for refund to your card  )

When you click the "cancel service" button you will first see a pop up window asking you to confirm before continuing, just click ok and the cancel account screen will show,

Click the little check box to confirm and then click the red "Cancel Service Now" button. Once you cancel all data will be deleted and your unused balance will be submitted for a refund.

At this time there are no discounts available.