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Address Book / Batch Generation

If you would like to delete or update your address book and/or batch list, simply upload a a single entry list.

and select the "Overwrite existing address book" or the "Update" option.

The format must be:

First Name, Last Name, Company, Address 1, Address 2, City, State, Zip, Country, Email, Phone

And the file must be a plain text, .csv file

We suggest using Excel or a similar application to create the .csv file.

Once uploaded, you can then delete individual lines by selecting the x at the end of each line

You can do a batch generation of up to 100 labels at a time, as long as they all are the same size, same weight, same class and going to the same country.

Batch printing is only available on paid subscription levels, and you must place a credit card on file (save card for future use - not PayPal, etc.). You must apply to get the batch printing ability activated for your account. Email with your ID number , login email and contact name / phone to request access to batch printing. Access to batch printing is not guaranteed and must pass an internal review.

 Click the "batch printing" tab,  

1. It takes time to create all labels in a large batch so our system will work on it and email you when it is ready to print.

    So enter your email address where you want the notification first.

2. Click Batch Address Upload, this will open up a new window where you upload the address list you want to send to. 

The list / file needs to be comma separated plain text file. ( CSV ) An example file you may use is attached to this FAQ.

The following format is needed for this file:  First Name, Last Name, Company, Address 1, Address 2, City, State, Zip, Country, Email, Phone

When you have saved your file as CSV then open a folder and locate the file, and simply click on the file, hold the mouse button down and drag the file

from the folder over to where it say "drop files here to upload".

If you have addresses uploaded already then uploading a list will add to those addresses and create a batch for all of them, So if you do not want to

include existing addresses in the batch then opt in for the "overwrite existing batch addresses", this will delete existing addresses from earlier uploads.

3. Click "Create batch" button. This will open up a new window where you pick what way you want to ship it and enter dimensions /weight.

When you have entered all the info click "Process batch". 


Once you click "process batch" a new window will display showing the process of creating the batch, once it is done it will show the cost and a big red button

"Buy this batch" Once you click "buy this batch" the postage is bought and labels are being created.

4. The process of creating all postage labels might take some time so now you can take a break and wait for the notification email telling you that the batch is ready to be printed.

When you get notified log back in and go to the batch print page, click the "Print Batch" button. This will open a window that will display label files ready to be printed. 

Now you can pick your file and print it.

Tips, sometimes the address list can come back with errors. Make sure there is no commas or other strange signs in the file,  

Make sure Apt/suite/# is in address field 2. 

Phone / Email / country is not required.

If you continue to get error on the list then click the "Need Help" button on the right side of the screen, tell us you need help

and attach your address file and we will fix it for you and send it back to you ready to be uploaded.

Good luck!

If you want to update an address simply enter the first letters of the name in the search field on the address book page.

This will open up all matches with the name / address fields ready to be edited. 

It will look something like the pic below.  Update the info you want updated, all fields can be edited

except for the name.

Once you have updated the address simply switch page ( click on the orange on upper left hand corner of screen )  and it will be saved automatically.  Then go back to address book and search again and you will see it has updated the info.